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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply:

QM Loans Borrowing Terms + Conditions

  1. Payment
    Full payment is due prior to collection of your loan.
  2. Borrowing Form
    A Borrowing Form accompanies your loan. Your Borrowing Form identifies you (the Borrower), lists the items in your loan (the Loan), and the return date for the Loan (the Due Date).
  3. Risk
    You accept responsibility for conducting risk assessment and supervising object handling.
  4. Damage or Loss
    You accept responsibility for the safe care and custody of all items listed on your Borrowing Form. You agree to recompense Queensland Museum Loans for costs to repair or replace any item damaged or lost from the time we release the Loan until we confirm the return of the Loan.

Follow these handy tips to help look after our resources:


  • Keep specimens and artefacts upright and treat objects and cases as more fragile than they appear
  • Supervise and assist children to handle specimens and artefacts with care, preferably over a soft tabletop or carpet
  • Do not use museum specimens and artefacts as costumes or for playing dress-ups


  • Keep objects away from sunlight, in a cool, dry place
  • Use the cloth cover provided to keep light off the specimen when not in use
  • Do not remove acrylic cases secured over specimens and artefacts


  • Use the borrowing form and kit checklist to keep track of all items in your care
  • Let us know as soon as possible if something in your care becomes damaged
  • Do not attempt to repair something yourself as this may cause further damage

  1. Collecting the Loan
    Please check the items in the Loan against your Borrowing Form to ensure you collect all items in your loan.
    Report any discrepancies or damage to us as soon as you receive the Loan.
  2. Missed Collection
    We will hold the Loan for one working day after your scheduled collection date.
    We will try to contact you the day after your missed collection date to remind you to collect the Loan. You need to collect the Loan on that day, or contact us on that day to negotiate a new collection date. Otherwise, due to limited dispatch storage space and demand for resources, we will cancel the Loan without further notice to you and make the items available to other borrowers.
  3. Returning the Loan
    Please check the items in the Loan against your Borrowing Form and kit content checklists to ensure you return all items in the Loan.
    We scan in all items from the Loan when you return the loan and then check kit contents against the kit content checklist. We notify you, usually within 10 working days, if there is any damaged or missing item.
  4. Late Returns
    You need to return the Loan on or before the Due Date listed on your Borrowing Form. If you cannot return the Loan on or before the Due Date, you need to contact us to negotiate an Extension. If you do not contact us on or before the Due Date, a daily accumulating charge (Unscheduled Extension Fee) may apply.
  5. Extensions
    Due to prior bookings on items by other borrowers, we cannot guarantee that we can grant any Extension to your loan. Casual Loan rates may apply for any Extensions.
  6. Force Majeure
    QM Loans shall not be responsible for cancellation or delay in delivery or performance resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control.

Conditions of Entry to Collect/Return Loans

Entry conditions apply to collect/return loans from Government-owned museums.


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