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About QM Loans

QM Loans is the Queensland Museum object library for Queensland schools, early years, aged care, and community groups. The QM Loans collection features kits and sets of museum objects to support the Australian curriculum, early learning, and community engagement.

Borrow in Brisbane

You can:

Become a QM Loans subscriber and register to borrow from QM Loans in Brisbane
Make a casual payment for assisted borrowing

QM Loans in Brisbane is located at 122 Gerler Road, Hendra, Queensland 4011.
Opening hours to collect and return loans:

Borrow from a Regional Depot

Register to borrow QM Loans kits from a local depot in regional Queensland
Opening hours to collect and return loans vary.

Borrowing Terms & Conditions

Borrowing Terms and Conditions apply, with borrowers responsible for costs of and transport to collect and return at the nominated depot.


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